Dog mom | Plant based powered |Mountain enthusiast

Dog mom | Plant based powered |Mountain enthusiast

My name is Suzanna but please call me Sawna. I’m a firm hand shaker so please don’t be frightened. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California I have called Hollywood my home these last seven years. Many people have a misconception of Los Angeles- don’t get me wrong I was once one of them.
If you asked me ten years ago this would be my life now- I would’ve never believe you.

I don't really consider what I do "running" but more of "adventuring". Everyday I'm motivated by this energy to get out to the many places my body can take me and that has fueled me in my pursuits and ambitions in trail running, hiking and just being outside in the mountains. I have built this immense passion for being outdoors, working hard, building my fitness and seeing these beautiful places that my feet can take me. It's not how fast I can go but where I go that fuels my day to day activity.

I have endless stoke for my bodies ability to run, for it has brought me to the most incredible places, it has introduced me to the most gracious and kind hearted people, and it leaves me with a sore face from smiling to much from all the fun that has been had.


As I have grown these last few years I have dug deeper into many of these activities as the begin to define me. Not only did I run many ultra marathons but I found exploring in the mountains, whether backpacking, camping, climbing or cycling become more of a lifestyle for me. I found my physical home, yes, in Hollywood but my true home being in the mountains. 

They were calling and I, happily, answered.

-Sawna Guadarrama