Running Achievements  

 The mountains are calling...

The mountains are calling...

  • 25+ ultras completed including 50k, 100k, 50M & 100M and stage race distances

  • 2018 THE COASTAL CHALLENGE, Costa Rica, 146 miles, 3rd

  • 2017 RAy miller, Malibu, 50 mile, 4th

  • 2017 MT BALDY RACE TO THE TOP, los angeles, 3RD

  • 2017 FATDOG 120, bc canada, 2ND

  • 2017 BE Fearless marathon,squamish canada, 8th

  • 2017 Beacon Rock 50K, washington, 3rd

  • 2016 Javalina 100, arizona, 5th

  • 2016 Oregon Coast, Oregon, 7th

  • 2016 Orcas Island 50k, washington, 7th

  • 2015 Mount Baldy Run to the Top 7-miler, los angeles, 8th

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Recent Adventures

Mt Whitney Summit (14,505ft)x2

Mt Langley Summit (14,046ft)x3

Grand Canyon R2R2R

Rae Lakes Loop via Onion Valley

Cactus to Clouds to Cactus (Palm Springs to Jacinto Peak and back)

Zion Traverse