Dear Jack

Dear Jack was purchased in December 2009.
Before I had any relation to Leukemia.
Before I fully understood blood transfusions, chemo and hair loss.
Before I could even imagine loosing a person I loved with all of my heart.
When I was just a fan, following a band and its bandmates to the earths end.
I was one of those people waiting in line all day to be first to enter the venue- when they headlined chain reaction, and smaller venues in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Dear Jack is the long awaited film that chronicles lead singer of both Something Corporate and Jacks Mannequin, Andrew McMahon, on a roller coaster journey. One I would never believe I could relate to. In Andrew's case, his journey included the highs through recording and releasing a solo album and the lows of being diagnosed with Leukemia.

This film is pure life.
It portrays a real hero.
A hero I am proud to say I've looked up to since I was a teen and will continue to in the future because he gave me hope and strength this past year.

Watch the film.

Till next time,
Peace, love, and happiness.