Avalon 50 mile Recap Catalina Island


Maybe it's just me very disappointed that it's taken me nearly a month to write this.
Here I am, right now, sitting and prepared.
That's what counts right?

I think back on Avalon 50 mile benefit run, and there's this overwhelming sense of happiness.
And hatred- but that has nothing to do with the race itself but my body.

It seemed as though everything was too good. Going too well. Lets start at the beginning.

I knew two people running the race and both started earlier. Standing at the starting line with my dad was fantastic.
In the midst of a race, we are sharing stories with other runners and feeling quite comfortable rather than nervous.
I, ofcourse, rocked my TNT head wrap (what the heck are those called?) and ULTRA team arm sleeves.
The gear striked up conversation with a fellow runner and we ended up having a ton of mutual friends.
What a great way to start a race.
That's not even the best part!

During Leona Divide 50 miler, I went out too fast and that resulted in extreme amounts of pain later in the race.
This time, I ensured that I kept a slow and steady pace- with the ultimate goal of being able to run most of the race and not overwhelm my body.
Considering the race began at 5am, it was pitch black.
The trails where lit by the breath and headlamps of other runners, what a view!
I ended up finally turning mine on around mile 4 and it resulted in a conversation started with a man running next to me.

We chatted for another three miles. Three miles is a pretty significant number to run and talk to a complete stranger.
We got to know eachother.
He was my highschool substitute teacher.
Who could forget a name like Mr. Rogers!
What a small world!

I met quite a few runners, chatted and then departed.
That's how it went.

Plain and simple.
Up until mile 42.

Once my feet hit a downhill pavement, my right knee did not agree with the pounding.
In retrospect- I took that section far too hard.

The next 8 miles were difficult to say the least.
Attempting to stay positive, hydrated and moving... forward.

The last few miles were a bit of a struggle. At that point I told myself to man up and keep going.
Run hop Run hop Run hop

I look back and ask myself- Was it worth it?

I haven't ran since that day, because of what took place.
I have no regrets.

Everyday my knee gets stronger and hurts less! I have a physical therapy apt. tomorrow and look forward to hearing positive results!

Till next time,
Peace, love and happiness!

*Move, nourish, believe...daily*

An act of kindness

I'm sitting here, at my mothers desk, at an almost loss for words.
Where do I begin?
What to say?

With all these questions flowing through my mind- the past few days come back into perspective.
I had two days off this week, yes you heard correctly, TWO.
What did I do?
Other than limp around because my ankle hurt? Um... still a ton.

On Wednesday was my rest day, time to tend to the garden and myself.
My garden, by the way, is looking FAB-U-LOUS.
I have two pumpkins, a yellow squash, four heirloom cucumbers, snap peas, carrots, red beets, AND I just noticed about three heirloom tomatoes growing on each plant, so NINE so far.
Exciting news- I know.

Honestly, I didn't do much Wednesday but hit the farmers market and make a few new necklaces for my fundraiser.

Thursday I had an appointment at Kaiser to donate platelets.
I headed to my parents house early for some delicious blueberry pancakes.
And let me tell you, I never thought one could OD on blueberry pancakes but I have a nack for making the impossible POSSIBLE.

This world is very small.
Let me tell you.
I was walking toward the donation center and I run into my dads neighbor.
Hes 6'a billion with legs my height so needless to say- he walks fast.
He so graciously accompanies me to my appointment and mind you, my ankle is not OK.
If someone video taped our walk... his strides and my attempt to keep up- Hilarious!

I think, because I donated, my immune system wasn't working at full capacity because once I got home and was around my dad(who's had a cold for two weeks) I felt ill.

Although I felt sick- things had to be done.

One of our coaches for Team in Training will be donating $100 to the best decorated jersey on the team.

One day.
$40 bucks.
59 beads.
5 needle pokes.
and 4 hours of sleep later.

Several amazing jerseys that there were three winners.

You bet one was me.
Expect nothing less.

Till next time,
Peace love and happiness.

My Birthday

22 more days till I turn the scary 23.
Instead of presents.
Instead of drinks.
What I want for my birthday is.... DUN DUN DUN


Surprised? I doubt it.
Instead of throwing a massive party like I usually do...
I will be having a nice BBQ Fundraiser at my parent’s house.
It will be held on June 25th at 1:30 and all I ask for is at least a $10 donation.
Now this donation will not be to compensate for food nor drinks but is a donation for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

If you are interested in attending.
Feel free to email/call me with any inquiries, comments, concerns... etc.

More information on what Team in Training strives to accomplish.


Till next time,
Peace, love and happiness