Team in training

Leona Divide Course Preview

I can honestly say that was one of my favorite runs.
Although I completely regretted my choice in wearing pants- I fully enjoyed every second of our official SECOND ULTRA team practice.

This year, due to the fires in Leona Valley, Leona Divide 50k/50mile will go back to the original course that treks more on the Pacific Crest Trail.

On Saturday,December 14th 2013. We jumped into our carpoolers car; blasted the seat warmers; drank our coffees as we set out for Leona Valley.
We had no idea where we were going! On our quest for a bathroom, thinking we've driven too far, we ran into our teams group of cars! SCORE!

Our run consisted of an out and back that was a complete 12 mile run. When I say run, I mean R U N. The section of the PCT was completely runnable and it was extremely refreshing to do just that- run.

I look forward to future training runs, longer training runs, on the course!!!

Below are some fun pictures captured during practice :)


14 days left of 2013- have you done your good deed and donated yet??

Finish the year out with a bang- donate 5,10, 20 bucks... ANYTHING toward the fight to end blood cancer!

Till next time,
Peace, love and happiness

An act of kindness

I'm sitting here, at my mothers desk, at an almost loss for words.
Where do I begin?
What to say?

With all these questions flowing through my mind- the past few days come back into perspective.
I had two days off this week, yes you heard correctly, TWO.
What did I do?
Other than limp around because my ankle hurt? Um... still a ton.

On Wednesday was my rest day, time to tend to the garden and myself.
My garden, by the way, is looking FAB-U-LOUS.
I have two pumpkins, a yellow squash, four heirloom cucumbers, snap peas, carrots, red beets, AND I just noticed about three heirloom tomatoes growing on each plant, so NINE so far.
Exciting news- I know.

Honestly, I didn't do much Wednesday but hit the farmers market and make a few new necklaces for my fundraiser.

Thursday I had an appointment at Kaiser to donate platelets.
I headed to my parents house early for some delicious blueberry pancakes.
And let me tell you, I never thought one could OD on blueberry pancakes but I have a nack for making the impossible POSSIBLE.

This world is very small.
Let me tell you.
I was walking toward the donation center and I run into my dads neighbor.
Hes 6'a billion with legs my height so needless to say- he walks fast.
He so graciously accompanies me to my appointment and mind you, my ankle is not OK.
If someone video taped our walk... his strides and my attempt to keep up- Hilarious!

I think, because I donated, my immune system wasn't working at full capacity because once I got home and was around my dad(who's had a cold for two weeks) I felt ill.

Although I felt sick- things had to be done.

One of our coaches for Team in Training will be donating $100 to the best decorated jersey on the team.

One day.
$40 bucks.
59 beads.
5 needle pokes.
and 4 hours of sleep later.

Several amazing jerseys that there were three winners.

You bet one was me.
Expect nothing less.

Till next time,
Peace love and happiness.