Leona Divide

Leona Divide Course Preview

I can honestly say that was one of my favorite runs.
Although I completely regretted my choice in wearing pants- I fully enjoyed every second of our official SECOND ULTRA team practice.

This year, due to the fires in Leona Valley, Leona Divide 50k/50mile will go back to the original course that treks more on the Pacific Crest Trail.

On Saturday,December 14th 2013. We jumped into our carpoolers car; blasted the seat warmers; drank our coffees as we set out for Leona Valley.
We had no idea where we were going! On our quest for a bathroom, thinking we've driven too far, we ran into our teams group of cars! SCORE!

Our run consisted of an out and back that was a complete 12 mile run. When I say run, I mean R U N. The section of the PCT was completely runnable and it was extremely refreshing to do just that- run.

I look forward to future training runs, longer training runs, on the course!!!

Below are some fun pictures captured during practice :)


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Till next time,
Peace, love and happiness